EV Charging stations Installation tips You need to consider

The Unevers team helps you get familiar with the process of installing EV charging stations.

The most important recommendations

Here the basics you need to consider when installing a charging station at home or bussiness location.

Certified professional installation

We're here to guarantee professional installation and your safety when you use the charging station. That's why installation work and maintenance afterward should only be carried out by a certified electrician. Professionals follow standards and installation guidelines and The Unevers team takes responsibility for the installation.

Consider environment and specific factors

Everyone lives in specific environmentatl conditions. Your area may be very hot or rainy, so the charging power may be affected by local conditions. At seaside, for example, everything gets rusty much quicker. Local electrical power fluctuations also matter. All such factors need to be considered for a long lasting and well working equipment.

Plan for future usage and loads

Your current EV (fleet) is what needs to be considered when planning charging station(s) installation. It's also worth planning for the future though. More EVs in a couple of years of more powerful onboards chargers may require installation scaling. Be ready upfront.

Choose installation place carefully

We are here to consult you and share the best practices. But you'll be using your charging station at your place. Think carefully where is the most cenvenient place for you to install it. This might save you a lot of hassle and issues.

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